Favorite Shopping Stops in Honfleur

Though it can get a little crowded with tourists, there are three places in the town of Honfleur where I like to shop. The first one is a clothing store called Iphigenie located at 38 rue du Dauphin. It is a tiny little boutique that carries smaller brands like Petit Bateau, Goa and See U Soon. What I love about the place is that it is tiny and manageable, which is a plus for me as I tend to get overwhelmed in bigger stores where choices can be overwhelming. The owner, Valerie Jacobs, is also the epitome of effortless French chic.

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The other shop I like to visit is a chocolate shop called La Maison Goulue. The shop offers a wide array of chocolate served in large bowls so shoppers can scoop up just the right amount they want. The chocolate are not super-sweetened and are not made with fatty substances. The shop recently moved to the end of rue du Dauphin.

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The last shop that I love to visit and usually buy gifts for friends and family is a jewelry store called Le Baobab. The pieces usually feature rare semi-precious stones and tend to be on the sleek and minimalist side. It is located on 8 rue de l’Homme de Bois.

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While I can usually control myself at La Maison Goulue, the other two stores, Iphigenie and Le Baobab, are dangerous stops for me. I simply want everything in these two stores!


  1. Myla- your post makes me want to go to Honfleur again!

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