Fall Purchases

I have a love/hate relationship with clothes and shoes.  I guess somewhere deep inside I wish to be that minimalist and simple girl who only owns 15 pieces of clothing.  However,  being that streamlined in my wardrobe leaves a big part of me very dissatisfied.  The truth of the matter is that I do love clothes AND shoes.   I love having the variety and I love the novelty that each season brings.  I think the key for me is to just make sure that I keep my purchases in check and not to splurge on too many things.  I have also been trying to use this approach, splurge on bags and sometimes on shoes but scrimp on clothes.   This strategy has worked me for awhile now.

My fall purchases have been limited so far.  I have recently checked out my two favorite stores, Zara and Century 21 Discount Store, for things to update my wardrobe with.  I am somewhat lucky that both retailers have physical locations near me, which makes returns and exchanges relatively easy especially when I purchase online.  So without further delay, here are my finds:


DSC_7429.1 Century 21 find for $37

DSC_7433.1 Some bling on my shoes from Zara

I also got two casual tops that would be perfect for school runs as well as soccer games.


DSC_7273_1_2 I love old school elbow patches

DSC_7287_3 Quilted shoulder detailing

The two skirts below are such great finds at Century 21.  I got the black leather skirt for $46 and the white skirt (by Calvin Klein) for $30.


Last, I got this dress, which my younger daughter, Ines, helped me choose for $40.  How about you?  Have you gone fall shopping lately?  Any good finds?



  1. I live so close to century 21 but never really shop there because I hate how chaotic it gets with all the tourists, not to mention the service. I had no idea you can shop online. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom. 🙂

    • The selection online isn’t as great. The Century 21 locations in NJ are usually quite good. So if you are out here, maybe you can plan some time to go to the stores:-)

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