Fall Exhibits To Check Out

I always enjoy the first September weekend edition of the New York Times when its Art section dedicates a whole supplement to upcoming museum exhibits and shows.  There are endless possibilities of things to check out that I often wish I have an infinite amount of time to go museum hopping and do nothing else.  One day, I will have the luxury of time when the girls are grown but for now I’ve limited my list of must-see fall exhibits to six venues that I’d like to share with you.

  • Met Museum: Retrospective on David Hockney – An amazing exhibit that has traveled from the Tate in London and Centre de Pompidou in Paris is now here stateside.  I saw this exhibit in August in Paris and was blown out of my mind with the expanse and breadth of Hockney’s work.  Hockney simply does not stop creating and innovating even in his advanced age of of 87.  On view from 11/27-2/25.
  • MOMA:  Louise Bourgeois’s Unfolding Portrait – Famous for her sculptures, this exhibit highlights Bourgeois’ talent in drawing as hundred of her prints will be on view for the first time at the museum.  On view from 9/24-1/28.
  • Montclair Art Museum: Charles Burchfield’s Weather Event and Philemona Williamson’s Metaphorical Narratives – Okay, I have to admit I’m a docent at the museum so I am a little biased here.  I do love the fact that the museum follows last year’s very successful Matisse exhibit with Burchfield, an artist fairly unknown to us today but was highly popular during his time and was the first solo artist ever featured at MOMA.  Last year’s Janet Taylor Pickett exhibit has been replaced by Williamson’s works, also highly vibrant and colorful but mostly focuses on adolescent subjects in large canvases.  On view from 9/15 – 1/7.
  • Jewish Museum: Modigliani Unmasked –  Never been shown in the US, 150 early drawings of Modigliani will be shown in this exhibit.  On view from 9/15 2/4.
  • Noguchi Museum:  Gonzalo Fonseca – A showcase of the Uruguayan scupltor’s small buildings made out of stone.  His creations are interesting blend of whimsicality and creativity, all in one.  On view from 10/25 -2/12.
  • International Center of Photography, Lauren Greenfield’s Generation Wealth – In her first retrospective, Greenfield showcases 25 years of her work in documenting the eccentricities and whims of the uber rich.  On view from from 9/20 – 1/7.

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