Exploring Pompeii

Hard to believe that Pompeii dates back to AD 62 and how so many of the remaining structures have outlived the test of time. Even through the ruins, one can see vestiges of what was once a highly-advanced community with a well-designed theater, forum for main gatherings, baths and gardens.

I think what many people associate with Pompeii are the ash-covered cadavers that were discovered along with the ruins by archaeologists years back. It is quite eerie to see the plaster casts of these bodies and how they are pretty much frozen in time, just individuals doing whatever they were doing when the Mount Vesuvius explosion happened. It just makes your realize how powerful Mother Nature is and how pretty powerless we are when faced with natural catastrophes.

On a side note, this is my last post on our trip to Italy. Hope to do some posts on France before we head back. Have a great weekend!

pompeiivesuvius The Forum with Mount Vesuvius in background


pompeiibaths The city baths

pompeiiby vettii_edited-1



pompeiigreattheater Great Theater originally built in 2nd century BC


pompeiihouseoffaun House of Faun statue


pompeiiplastercasts1 Plaster Casts of Bodies


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