Easter Memories

Our Spring Break in Arizona feels like it’s already in the distant past. The girls had a few play dates over the weekend and we got to spend some time with family and friends yesterday, Easter Sunday. The weather fully cooperated with mild temps and lots of sun, which is just what we needed to do Easter Egg Hunting outdoors. Quite a contrast from last year’s Easter when we were forced to stay mostly indoors.

Spending time with loved ones yesterday made me feel lucky and blessed to have caring people in my life and to be in good health. Over the last few months, we have had several friends undergo major medical issues. In each situation, I am amazed with the outpouring of love and coming together by random people and friends. It makes you realize how important it is to nurture and cherish your friendships as well as how you should make the most of every single day. What about you, dear friends? Did you have a nice Easter?



DSC_1998_2 Isn’t he just dashing?

DSC_2005_2 Yummy cookies from Karen at Dulce Petit

DSC_2006_2 Baked by my sister




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