Easter Break in France

I think the last time I was in France for Easter was in 2000, yup 18 years ago. I was still in school for my MBA and it so happened that France is where we were for Easter during my Marketing in the European Union class. Obviously, a lot has changed since then. This time around, Easter in France was very family-centered where we spent a couple days catching up with Richard’s parents and his brother’s young family. The few days with family is definitely worth it now that the girls’ cousins are a tiny bit older. I’m so eager for them to make memories to last a lifetime.

We also took advantage of the less popular tourist season to visit Versailles, which is only an hour and half away from Normandy.  The girls were in awe of everything, not having seen anything like Versailles before. The visit was also timely as Chiara just finished learning about the history of Versailles with her French tutor, Aurore.

Spring has definitely started when we were in France.  There were a few cold days in the beginning of our vacation but it was about 80 degrees the day we headed back to the US.  It was a short visit but traveling with the girls has gotten so much easier now that they are older.  I wonder if we can pull off frequent but short visits like that to France more often in the future…

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