Dreaming of Cuba

On my bucket list is the goal of one day visiting Cuba. I hope that by the time I get there it would not be overdeveloped or too commercialized. As many of us who live in the Western World, I have this romanticized image of Cuba, of old colonial homes and tropical breeze, of men wearing guayabera shirts and ladies fanning themselves to cool off.

While I know many of these images are stereotypes that are popularized by the media, I sometimes come across pictures and articles that reaffirms these truths. Last week, T Magazine featured the house of creatives Pamela Ruiz and Damian Aquiles in Havana. The house, which is a labor of love, took the couple years and years to renovate and bring up to livable conditions. Just imagine doing a restoration job where there are no hardware stores nearby and the government pretty much controls all construction material! So the couple ended up using repurposed materials from other houses in the area as well as bringing things from the US and Mexico.

There just something about these images that say hot, lazy summer days to me. There’s also the visual texture that so rich and nicely counter-balanced by the huge ceilings and pale walls, which gives the house such a post-colonial bohemian vibe. And don’t get me started with those tiled floors! Yes, yes, folks, I’m officially Cuba dreaming.







Images from T Magazine

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  1. You should check out elcamino.travel – they just started curating authentic trips to Cuba. I work with them over here in DC and you’d love it.

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