I was inspired by a recent article I read on individuality in Town and Country Magazine.    Apparently, fashion runway shows are beginning to use models who are more representative of the real world, featuring older celebrities as well as non-size zero models.  Tired of the over-styled look of most celebrities these days, the Chanel runway also featured women carrying signs, “Be Your Own Stylist.”

Living in the suburbs and being around my girls and their activities a lot, I sometimes feel that I need to change my style and blend in a bit more.  But there’s always an inner voice that would say, “What for? Who I’m trying to please or appease?”   So I go back to wearing what I feel like wearing, donning things that I’m most comfortable in despite the fact that people may say “Oh, you look so dressed up!  Where are you going?”  At my age, some things ( and clothing styles) are just a tad bit too late to change.

The best part of the T&C article is this, “True style heroines carve out their own definition of elegance.  And there’s more to them that meets the eye; appearance alone doesn’t define them.  They don’t succumb to the pressure to look sexy or glamorous (or young or thin)  all the time.  And they don’t need validation from a clique of lookalike “Nazi Barbies.”  They go their own way.   Well put, T&C.




Images of beautiful Sofia Coppola via (1), (2), (3)

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