Disneyland Paris – Already 20 Years Old!

It is hard to believe Euro Disney, now called Disneyland Paris, is 20 years old.  I still remember all the brouhaha around opening the Paris location especially with the constant love-hate relationship between the US and France.  People wondered how can such an American emblem be properly represented and marketed in France, a proud country that glorifies all things that symbolize and represent the French culture.  Fast forward 20 years, the French has come to love Disney just as they have embraced McDonald’s (or McDo as they call it).


We actually have never taken our daughters to Disney. The thought of planning a Disney vacation has always intimidated me. Plus, there are so many things on my “bucket list” of places to visit and Disney somehow always gets pushed down on my list. I did not want my kids to have therapy issues later because their parents never took them to Disney so I thought why not just take them to Disneyland Paris…at least, we can make a day trip out of it instead of staying a few days long. I totally underestimated the whole experience for them.  They were in such awe of so many things and we saw that they still felt the magic in some of the things they saw and experienced.  I am glad we that we made the Disney trip this year.  Soon enough, my oldest daughter, Chiara, will be 10 years old and it will get harder for us to bring her to venues such as this one.

Pirates of the Caribbean was a favorite Pirates of the Caribbean was a favorite


Sleeping Beauty's Castle Sleeping Beauty’s castle


At the evening parade At the evening parade


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