Deauville – Paris’ Hamptons?

The beach that my family goes to in Normandy is in Deauville.  It is often called the 21st arrondisement or district of Paris due to the number of Parisians who have second homes here and come here for the weekend, especially during the summer.  Deauville is also often compared to the Hamptons.  Though in my opinion, the two towns are still very different.  I can easily find parking in Deauville and that is partly why I like coming here with the girls.  Deauville is also not as scene-y as the Hamptons. For sure, there are places where you can hang out if you want to be seen but Deauville is still more understated. On the other hand, the water and sand in the Hamptons are better than what you get in Deauville.

Deauville was made famous in the 1800’s by the Duke of Morny who was Napoleon III’s half brother.  It is known for many things including the colorful parasols that line the beach as well as the various film festivals it hosts, including the Asian Film Festival in May and the American Film Festival in September.


Nowadays, they have added this little section where people can borrow books and magazines at the beach.


Deauville is also where Coco Chanel opened her first shop. If you saw the movie “Coco Before Chanel,” the scene where she was at the beach with her lover was in Deauville. Another famous French movie filmed here is “A Man and A Woman.

Site of Coco Chanel's First Shop
Site of Coco Chanel’s First Shop

Other things that the town is known for are its casino as well as thoroughbred horse racing and polo cup.


At Clairefontaine At Clairefontaine

Chiara with her winnings at Clairefontaine
Chiara with her winnings at Clairefontaine

Here’s a sampling of other landmarks in town…

Fountain on one of Deauville's main streets Fountain on one of main streets


Mayor's Office
Mayor’s Office
A typical Deauville villa
A typical Deauville villa


  1. I always look forward to reading about your family escapades in France. “Deauville” is enchanting. The older I get, the more I want to live like a poor person, but with lot’s of money (as Pablo Picasso is known to have quoted), so I too, can visit more unique towns all over the world.
    Grace Alcoreza-Tutone

    • I agree. For me, I need to travel and see how others live. I cannot explain it. I can do away with a lot of things, but not traveling. I find it very fulfilling emotionally and intellectually.

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