Date Night at Montclair Art Museum

We have not gone out on a date night in a really long time.  We did go out once or twice this summer without the girls but it’s a far cry from our usual routine during the school year when we try to schedule a date night every other week or so.  Sometimes, it’s just nice to step away from the usual parenting routine and immerse yourself in another world even for a few hours.  So I was glad when we got a little break this Saturday.

We ended up going to the Montclair Art Museum’s Members’ Reception and Exhibition Preview.  It’s a special time for the museum as it will be celebrating its 100th year in 2014.  I was happy to see the extensive contemporary art collection of Patricia A. Bell.  Plus, there was also Jean Shin’s permanent installation of silverware in front of the museum that were assembled laboriously to represent various tree forms.  I highly recommend checking out this installation for those who are in the general Montclair environs.  After the reception, we ended up going here, which is around the corner from the museum.  It’s a casual and fun place if you are in the mood for delicious Lebanese food.



By "Tire Queen" artist Chakaia Booker By “Tire Queen” artist Chakaia Booker

Artist Willie Cole next to his work Artist Willie Cole next to his work

DSC_7510_2 By Rachel Perry Welty

DSC_7519_2 By Artist Extraordinaire Jean Shin

DSC_7525_2 DSC_7529_2

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