City Mouse vs. Suburban Mouse

Last weekend, I saw this tweet from Elle Decor, “Things Only People from the Suburbs Will Understand.” Curious, I clicked on the tweet, ready to be amused by what I was about to read while prepared to be defensive.  I caught myself thinking beforehand, “No, I’m not one of those people.  I am a city girl at heart.  I don’t do those things.”  Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that I found myself agreeing and identifying with most of the points in the article and that yes, I officially have become a suburbanite.

Many of those who knew me well during my New York City heydays would support me when I say that leaving the city to me back then was tantamount to sudden death or cardiac arrest.  New York was in my veins and I could not see myself without it. Though I spent all my childhood living in cities, I moved to the BIG city as soon as I got the chance and quickly embraced the distinct NYC lifestyle, albeit that of a young twenty-something partygoer.  My friend, Marie, and I had our stomping grounds, our own version of Cheers where people knew our names and where people always welcomed us with open arms.

As good as those days were, they weren’t meant to last.  They shouldn’t, right?   For these moments to stay special, they have to be short and sweet. Plus, reality was hitting me hard.  I was getting old and I wanted to start a family soon.  I knew that raising a family in the city would be an expensive proposition where I would need to work crazy hours along with Richard to afford our lifestyle and our kids ‘ education.  So we did what many did, moved to suburbs for more space and better-run public schools.

While I still go into the city to take advantage of cultural offerings and to see friends who live there, I’m surprised as to how little I miss city life.   After a night out with friends, I always look forward to going home, to my space, to our sanctuary.   I love the quiet mornings.  I love how diverse many suburbs have become and that I don’t have to travel far to try different cuisines.   Just 10 minutes away from our house, I can get authentic and delicious Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Uzbeki, Mediterranean, Mexican and Turkish restaurants, to name a few.  And I love not having to take public transportation to take my kids to school or schlep heavy groceries back home in my arms or in one of those shopping caddys. For me, life is just easier in the suburbs, especially in my olden days.




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