Did you guys hear about “The Brown Sisters” exhibit at the MOMA that starts in November? It’s basically about four New England sisters who’ve had black and white photos of themselves taken over the course of forty years. The artist/photographer, who happens to be married to one of the sisters, manage to communicate in simple black and white photos subtle changes among the sisters over time.

As I looked at some of the photos from the exhibit in the paper, I could not help but wonder what kind of life each one of the sisters have. Did one have a happier and more fruitful life than the others? Did anyone have to go through any misfortunes? How did their relationships with one another change over time?

Looking at the photos made me also wonder about my life with the girls. After Chiara finishes this school year, she’ll be in middle school and I know that time will go super-fast (at least compared to grade school). It makes me sad to think that we are half-way through her time with us at home. In six years, she’ll be driving; in seven years, she’ll be leaving home (assuming she’s going away to college). Ines won’t be far behind.

And yet, there is still so much for both girls to experience — all the joys and disappointments, the hurt, the beginnings and the ends that lie ahead of them. I’ll be here for both girls but I can’t shield them from the potential pain and disappointment that will come their way. They will need to experience all these things first hand as well as forge their own paths and lead their own lives.

For now, I’ll take what today brings, be it the annual rituals of pumpkin patches and upcoming holiday merry-making. I know these moments won’t last forever but I am grateful for them. Hope you had a good weekend!

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