Cape May Faves

An addendum to my last post.  One of my favorite things to do in Cape May is to stop in at the Tommy’s Folly store in Congress Hall.  In recent years, the store has expanded to add jewelry, home decor, accessories…just plenty of eye candy.  The name Tommy’s Folly actually has an interesting background.  It is a term coined by the locals when Congress Hall was first built in 1816. Cape May residents thought that Thomas Hughes, the man who built Congress Hall, had gone mad by building such a huge boardinghouse.  Many thought that Congress Hall just wouldn’t succeed.  Now we know that things turned quite differently…

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Look into the Blue Pig restaurant in Congress Hall
A peek inside the Blue Pig restaurant in Congress Hall

Another thing that’s fun to do is to walk around town and just look at and admire the older Victorian-type houses in town.  I love how well-maintained many of these houses are.






  1. Meredith

    That store looks interesting-will have to check it out next time we are down there! Beautiful shots of the Victorian “painted ladies” – glad to see Sandy didn’t rough them up too much!

  2. Beautiful pictures! The houses turned out great! My favorite is still the one of Blue Pig from the Congress Hall lobby 🙂

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