Calm Before the Storm

Last week was probably the last time we’ll have warm, summer-like temperature in the East Coast for the year. I am glad that we took advantage of every opportunity to be outside. The weather forecast for this week does not look good with a tornado watch for Monday and rain toward the end of the week.

This weekend was quiet one for us. We had dinner out as a family at a Japanese restaurant on Friday after checking out this fun exhibit. On Saturday, we had friends over for dinner. My girls seem to be on a roll hanging out with the younger crowd. I, on the other hand, seem to be on a roll with my baking. The tiramisu dish shown below is the fifth dessert I made in less than a month and a half! On Sunday, we made a trip to Home Goods looking for cool home accessories for a bedroom makeover for my older daughter, Chiara.  I promised her that part of her 10-year old birthday present is transforming her bedroom to something more tween-like.  More details on that later. Hope you had a good weekend, friends!

calmbeforestorm1 I love the expression in both of their eyes


calmbeforestorm3 Pure joy

pooh and the girls A place for Pooh-bear too!

my tiramisu My Tiramisu

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