By Golly, Hollie!

Over a month and a half ago, Richard and I were invited to visit the studio of the wonderful local artist Hollie Heller. Frankly, I’ve been procrastinating writing this post on the visit and on Hollie’s work as I am simply in awe of her and was afraid whatever I write would not do justice to her work. I suppose it’s a lot harder to write about an artist whose works I have at home than writing about one whose works I admire from afar at a museum.

We first saw Hollie’s work at Speakeasy Gallery in Boonton many years ago. Richard and I instantly fell in love with her work. For me, the color, details and textures of her work are eternally fascinating. Since Hollie often works with mixed media, I feel that I am constantly deciphering messages in her work and looking for hidden details that I fail to notice before.

Another thing that I love about Hollie’s work are the shapes and materials she works with. Many of her works feature organic shapes that can be found in nature, often in the sea and its environs. I also love how her color palette has evolved over the years from darker and stronger colors in the beginning to the softer and gentler hues she often employs today, perhaps influenced by her frequent sabbaticals in Costa Rica. She also repurposes a lot of materials, including polymers and lenses, and makes beautiful art with them. I particularly like her use of old eyeglasses that were transformed into various sea-like colors to resemble sea glass.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Hollie. She was chosen last year to participate in the Architectural Digest Home Design Show so perhaps she’ll do more work with interiors in the future. I know that she also has given art class/retreat in her place in Costa Rica so perhaps there’s a possibility in partaking in her creative endeavors in a more holistic way. Whatever it is she chooses to do, I know she’ll continue to create work that will surprise and delight us in years to come.

Are there any local artists that you are fascinated with at the moment?














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