Bohemian Hudson New York

Part of the last weekend’s trip was a lazy Sunday spent in Hudson, New York. I joked with my husband that Hudson is where Brooklynites go live once they are ready for something a little slower and smaller. To my Brooklyn friends, I say this comment affectionately. Having been a Brooklynite many years ago, I think that we would have looked into Hudson if it were not so far from New York City.

We had brunch at Le Gamin and then spent a great deal of the afternoon looking at the many antique shops, which carry some really cool furniture. Take a look…


DSC_8520_2_edited-1 One of the walls at Le Gamin Restaurant






DSC_8528_2_edited-1 Outside Mexican Radio restaurant



  1. Hi: I saw your profile in the BYW course…and clicked over here! Like your blog a lot: very very nice. And, years ago we lived near Hudson, so of course I clicked on this post. Oh my how it has changed…was really “a dump” when we were there and now so gentrified. We lived in the Hudson Valley for 25 years, and are now down in Chapel Hill, NC. Love love love it!
    Anyway, I will visit again and I’m sure be in touch via btw!

    • Hi Libby – Thanks for stopping by. It was our second time in Hudson, NY. It does have that feel that it has been somewhat gentrified. We used to live in Brooklyn and it had that same feel as the neighborhood was getting more developed. Glad that you love NC. I have never been but it sounds like a lovely place.

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