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Just want to a quick promo…there’s a write-up of this blog on Here’s the link. For those who aren’t familiar, is a website that highlights Filipina women’s achievements around the world with the end goal of empowering the community. Pinay, a slang word for a Filipina, is often used by Filipinos to refer endearingly to one another.

There’s lots of other fun articles on the site, including one that I did last summer. So please go and check out the site. And many thanks to the folks at especially Tish Leizens!

ile de re.1
Pre-dinner at Ile de Ré last summer

chichen itza2_edited-1 Post-pyramid climb at ancient Mayan ruin back in early 2000’s

chichen itza Chichen Itza, now one of the seven wonders of modern world


  1. thank you for the shout out, Myla. Shine, Pinay, shine.

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