Birthday Simplified

This weekend, we celebrated Ines’ 8th birthday while we were in Bar Harbor, Maine. Since everything is so hectic this time of the year, we really did not have anything special planned for her birthday.

We knew we were going to be with friends. We knew we were going to Acadia State Park to do some biking and hiking. We also knew that the kids were going to swim at the hotel pool before dinner. It was enough to do in one day but nothing was totally dedicated to the girl who likes to celebrate her birthday four times a year.

Ines must be maturing and becoming less demanding. At the end of dinner, she told me that this was her best birthday ever because she was able to bike, swim, go to the beach and get a sea glass necklace at a street fair all in one day.

Whew! I am glad she was content because I thought she was going to be disappointed by my lack of planning. I suppose that children, as they get older, develop a sense of what makes a good birthday — that is, to be around people you love while doing things you enjoy the most.

I’ll be back later this week with more photos of Bar Harbor and the weekend. Meanwhile, enjoy the back-to-school and rentreé this week. For many of us, this is the first true back-to-reality week as school starts and we slowly fall back into our routines.

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untitled (2 of 129).1 Acadia National Park

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untitled (47 of 129).1 Scenic Bar Harbor

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