Birthday Milestones

This weekend was full of milestone birthdays.  On Saturday, we helped a dear friend, Lara, celebrate an important birthday in this Lower East Side restaurant.  While on Sunday, we celebrated Chiara’s 10th birthday with her friends.  We saw the Lego Movie, which  I must say is highly entertaining even for adults. Lego aficionados can appreciate the movie’s theme and underlying moral. After the movie, the girls were treated to pizza and some Minecraft-themed cupcakes.

Yes, it’s official. We are in tween-land. Amazing how the last 10 years seem to have just flown by. Personally, it seems like a lot of my vivid memories started around 10 years old.  I am sure this was largely due to my prefrontal cortex not yet being fully developed and hormonal changes.  But I remember that this is when my life changed from a black and white TV to a full-color screen.  Everything was more intense and amplified.

I am happy to see my daughter’s increasing independence and confidence. But I am also a tad scared of all the growing up ahead of her. I don’t think that the next decade of her life will be as smooth as the first one. There will be a lot of trying on new roles and developing friendships while saying goodbye to old ones. I know that this is pretty much how we all mature and evolve. My one single hope in the next 10 years is that she remains true to her heart and the values we instilled in her regardless of the societal pressures around her.




Dulce Petit Cakes courtesy of Dulce Petit





  1. Déjà 10 ans, c’est vrai que c’est incroyable comme le temps passe vite. Une nouvelle page arrive.
    Plein de bisous à Chiara

  2. She is such a sweet girl, i am sure her teen years will be smooth sailing 😉
    Happy birthday Chiara!!

    • I hope her teen years will be relatively smooth. I am just being realistic thinking of how I was as a teenager:-) Hopefully, she’ll be easier on me than I was with my mom.

  3. Encore joyeux anniversaire Chiara, et maintenant c’est le bon âge pour commencer à apprendre à jouer au baby-foot pour de vrai !

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