Back to School & Fresh Start for Everyone

After Labor Day, the girls will be going back to school — Tuesday and Wednesday.  It’s an exciting time and a promising one as we all set off to new journeys.  Ines will be an “upper classman” in her school as she enters fourth grade while Chiara starts at a new school, a smaller environment that I think is more suitable to her nature and more compatible with our values.  I truly cannot wait to see them grow this year…

I will also be starting a new adventure as I train to be a museum docent in September.  After starting this blog, I realize the latent nature of my passion for art — yes, undeveloped but existent nonetheless.   It was through my blog posts here on art exhibits that I came to understand that museums, art and artists are things I naturally gravitate to and find extremely satisfying.  As I was seeking ways to take this passion a bit further, I stumbled upon an opportunity to train for six months to be a docent at a museum.  I am thrilled to be pursuing this new path and learn much more about the art world, especially the studio visits, gallery walks and continuous education this new adventure provides.  More importantly, I am excited to explore opportunities beyond motherhood given that the last 13 years of my life have been devoted mostly to parenting.  It’s good to know there is still a ME that exists despite the strong pulls of mothering.  Wish me luck!

On a lighter note,  we’ve been busy preparing the girls’ school supplies and choosing an outfit for back to school (only for Ines since Chiara will be wearing a uniform this year).  It’s supposed to be hot on Tuesday, temps hovering around 85 degrees.  Warm, maybe even too warm, for September.  What about you?  Are you ready for summer to end?





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