Artists’ Night in Honfleur

One of my favorite towns near us in Normandy is Honfleur, a place I’ve written about quite often on this space.   Its early association with artists like Claude Monet, Eugene Boudin and Erik Satie continue to this day as the town carries on the tradition of featuring innovative artists in its galleries and lively musicians on its streets.  A few Saturdays ago, the town hosted “La Nuit des Artistes” or Artists’ Night where all sort of performances, most at no charge, were available to the public.  There were gospel choir singing, opera on one of the main courtyards, pantomiming as well as sculptures and artwork in plein air.   I think there’s no better way than an event like this to make art less intimidating and more accessible to everyone — young and old, novice and experienced alike.  The more access we all have to art, the more it will be a part of our  daily lives.  Do you agree?  Wish we have more events like this one in the US…

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