Art Omi

A few weekends ago, we went to Hudson without the kids to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. Given that it was during one of the busiest weekends of the school year, we did not want to go somewhere too far in case something came up last minute with the girls and we needed to alter our plans. We have not been in Hudson for at least three years so I did not really know what to expect. I was told before our trip that many former NYC-dwellers have moved there during the pandemic. It was evident in Warren Street, the main drag in Hudson, where there were tons of open restaurants and shops and pedestrians out and about. I can see the appeal of Hudson to former city dwellers — there were no boarded-up stores and restaurants there like in the city. Hudson is bohemian with lots of old elegant homes; it resembles a piece of Brooklyn with a little bit of country life added in.

One weekend morning, we visited Art Omi, a 120-acre architecture and sculpture park in the area. I have not seen much art in person lately and seeing the abstract and sometimes unusual sculptures and creations at Art Omi reminded me of what I have been missing the last few months. My favorite creation here is the “ReActor,” also known as the Seesaw House by Ward Shelley. It is a 42 by 8 rotating house that balances on 12 foot concrete pole and twists and turns based on the force of wind gusts. It truly is quite a vision to see!

The weekend away was a much-needed break from the constant pressures of raising teen girls where emotional roller coasters seem to be part of our daily routine. I am glad to spend quality time with the hubby, talking about non-parental issues while changing the landscape for a couple of days. It got me thinking that perhaps we need more weekends away, just the two of us, in the near future.

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