Apple Pie a la Mode

I felt my gears slowly shifting this weekend as I craved to bake something on Sunday.   This wanting to stay indoors on a Sunday is something that usually does not hit me until the colder winter months when hibernation feels about right.  But life has been so hectic and the girls are getting so much more school work than last year that I felt that a quiet Sunday afternoon will do us good.

So I pulled my old and tattered Joy of Cooking cookbook and opened to the Apple Pie page.  I love, love this recipe as it is wonderful and easy to follow.  I still had to allot two to three hours of cooling off after baking to make the apple pie sauce thicker and juicier.  Of course, I served the pie a la mode with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Ah, what a little bit of sweet can do for the soul!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. It’s one of those cooking books I hear so much about and that has been on my shopping list forever. I should really just get it!
    Your pie looks delish

    • It is such a wonderful book. Old-school, no glossy pics but there’s so much factual info about different recipes. I love it. The pie was pretty good. Richard and Chiara devoured it:-)

  2. Looks like our families are on the same page. We went apple picking and Anna made apple cinnamon scone!

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