And Now We Return to Our Regular Programming…

Hey, are you guys still here?  I know I’ve been away from this space for a little while.  Just like everyone else, I needed a break from the constant Breaking News that’s become such a part of our daily lives.  I thought, why add to the media clutter, right ?  Then, I started thinking of how talking about simple beauty and blissful moments in our lives when the world seems to be so chaotic these days felt a little too self-indulgent.

And, yet, here I am, back in this old blog of mine.  When I was away from here, I started missing a few things like taking photos and documenting trivial moments in life.  I still have conflicted feelings about sharing life in such a public space but I find that I need this space for my own sanity.  This place is where I define who I am and what matters to me and where I get to express myself creatively.  This place is also where I hold myself accountable to live life with intent, beauty and joy.

A few snippets of what’s been going on in our lives lately…

  • Celebrating a milestone birthday.   We now have a teen in the house.  

Cake made by Ines

  • Enjoying the simple things like finding an old-fashioned independently-owned bookstore 

  • Going to the last Father-Daughter Dance in grade school

  • Three times the charm, performing at this wondrous hall for the third time.  

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