Alone Again, Naturally

I don’t think that I need to say the life of a mother is tough. Once we have kids, we hardly have time to make plans with our friends to go out and do things. Everyday is simply a race to cross off things on our to-do list, making sure nothing is forgotten, everything is turned in, and everyone is fed.

One of the things people told me when I first became a mother is that “a happy mom makes a happy baby.” It’s an advice that I took to heart and vowed to do no matter what. I tried to schedule get-togethers with friends and pursue my interests when Chiara was first born though my heart felt heavy because all I wanted to do was stay at home with my new baby. Yet I still went out and made every effort to make myself and my newborn happy.

Things aren’t so simple now. My friends all have children and getting together has become a lot tougher. But I still need to keep my happiness level up and not let the burden of parenthood weigh me down, right? So what to do?  Well, sometimes I do things by myself and go solo. I try get over the fear of looking odd as I go to the movies and see exhibits by myself. I have, before and after kids, dined alone at restaurants but this is an experience I just don’t enjoy as much. I feel like dining at restaurants should be spent conversing over a good meal and a glass of wine. Dining alone just feels too isolated for me.

The good thing about doing things solo is that you can easily fit it in your schedule, wherever there’s an empty slot. And once you get over the phobia of how others may react to your solitude, you may realize that the time you take for yourself is just enough to restore your sanity and a little bit of your old self. You may even come back to your parenting duties with renewed vigor. But don’t get too excited, you’ll be pining for more time alone before you can count up to 20.

What about you?  Do you sometimes go to the movies and eat at restaurants alone?

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