This weekend pretty much marked the beginning of true holiday festivities for us. We celebrated our second Kids’mas party; this year, it was hosted by my dear friend Teresa.   I loved seeing how the younger children got so excited opening their gifts and trying them on (if the gifts were clothes or dress-up items) right away.  Given that the girls are the oldest in this group, they tend to play babysitter, or big sister, with the younger ones and show their enthusiasm in a more subdued manner.  However, once at home, both girls gushed with stories of little Max, William or Clara’s antics and asked when will they see everyone again.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet.  Yesterday, for the winter solstice, we got around to finishing the gingerbread house and baking some cookies for Santa (and ourselves, too).  The gingerbread house was by far the best we’ve done yet — there were no icing scattered everywhere and all the candies were just in their proper place.

Are you getting excited for the holidays?  I am as well.  I’ll try to stop in here over the next few weeks but I am going to try to enjoy time with my family and take some time away from social media.  I’ll mostly be on instagram where I’ll be posting photos here and there.  Enjoy your holidays!







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