All I Want For Christmas

How are you doing this holiday season? Are you almost done with your Christmas preparations? I am mostly ready with just a few remaining small presents to pick up. As the girls get older, there are fewer toys that we get for them. This year, there will be more big kid presents like an iPod Nano and speaker for Chiara and a suitcase and books for Ines.

ipod speaker.1

ipod nano 2.2_edited-2



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Getting presents for Richard is always difficult since he doesn’t really have a wish list. The things he’s passionate about, art and music, are such personal areas that I feel like I need his input to purchase these presents. So I decided to stay with something safe and choose a sweater and shirts as gifts. I know they sound like boring choices but I feel like my options are somewhat limited. Do you sometimes feel that way about your significant other’s presents?

mens clothes.1

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For me, there’s only one item on my wish list, this funky and fun watch. I guess I’ll have to wait until next week to find out if I have been naughty or nice!


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  1. I laughed when I read about Richard’s gifts. Same here I am not allowed to buy anything soccer related so sweaters and shirts are the staples.
    I love love the watch!!

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