Acts of Kindness

I recently heard about the #givewiththanks initiative for the month of November through one of the Instagram accounts I follow. Here’s how it works.  For the month of November when most of the US is getting ready for Thanksgiving, the folks at Small Seed would like everyone to practice small acts of kindness and service as a way of giving back during this joyful but hectic season.  The premise is simple — despite all our wants to focus on what’s important during the holidays, we often end up focusing on the minute immaterial things like getting lavish gifts instead of doing what really matters, such as being kind and being mindful of one another.

There’s a whole packet that explains the initiative on the site plus some printables and a weekly inspirational video to watch. We printed our “giving” tree yesterday and the girls and I are excited to add on little leaves on our trees as we practice small acts of kindness every day.

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to get ready for Thanksgiving!

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