About Me

Hi! Welcome to Beauté Simple. I am Myla Lemeé, a former ad exec (Y&R, JWT and BBDO) and marketing exec (Kraft Foods). My post-corporate life has taken me to blogging, lifestyle photography and museum work. I started this blog in May 2013 to cover topics on simple beauty and living but it has now expanded to all things I find aesthetically pleasing — an art exhibit, a restaurant, new towns to explore.

I first approached this blog from the lens of a mother. With my girls now grown, I am slowly focusing on things that nurture my soul, mind and creativity, as I navigate my 50s and beyond. I am based in Northern New Jersey but I do plan to resume traveling the world again one day post-Covid, hoping to discover new places as well as going back to my roots in Asia and our places in France.

I hope that this blog will inspire you, entertain you and encourage you to find simple beauty and pleasures in everyday life. Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. Do stop by my other site, www.mylalemee.com. Or visit me on Instagram @myla_lemee.