A Quick Pause

With the girls going to two school systems with different vacation weeks, our Spring Break was pretty much limited to five days.  And so with that limited time, we decided for a quick getaway in Miami even though we already had spent Spring Break there two years ago.  At least with Miami, we did not have to worry about connecting flights, time change or unpredictable weather.  Sunny days, entertainment and good food are pretty much guaranteed.

I wish I can say we did all these novel things while in Miami. The reality was that we wanted to enjoy every minute of sitting by the pool and the beach and really not doing much of anything.  Our sole outing, apart from eating out, was going to the Perez Art Museum while my biggest accomplishment was finishing two books.

As short as this vacation was, I still feel recharged from putting a quick break from the usual routine.  How was your Spring Break?

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