A Modern Day French Wedding

Right after our side trip to Barcelona, we went to a family wedding in France. French weddings tend to be very modern these days with most conducted as civil ceremonies instead of church weddings. This particular wedding started with the official union at le mairie (town hall) outside Poitiers in the more central part of France. The ceremony was then followed by a reception at a domaine (a former vineyard, which the French also call a château).

Unlike American wedding receptions, French ones are lengthy affairs often lasting until the wee hours of the morning. In our case, the cocktail hour lasted for about two and half hours while the actual dinner and partying went on for about eight hours. Our family turned in around 2:30 in the morning while lots of people (including kids) stayed up until the very end, which was 4:30 in the morning.

This wedding was a breath of fresh air in terms of modernity in all the wedding details and candidness of speech by those close to the couple. Since the groom is a musician with a CD coming out soon, the theme was all around music. We had a trio ensemble that played during the cocktail hour, followed by a band that surprisingly sang a lot of songs in English including Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk and Lenny Kravitz.

In my opinion, the best part of weddings is seeing the look in the children’s eyes as they watch the couple exchange vows lovingly and how the adults move on the dance floor during the reception. In my mind, I am thinking that the children are deciphering the social codes around them and how they fit in these norms. I love how they react seeing cousins they have not seen in awhile and how they manage to find something to bond over. I hope that these moments will be a part of their already burgeoning childhood memories, which they’ll cherish and reminisce about one day.

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