A Little Visit From Grandma

How was your weekend? We were treated to a brief weekend visit from grandma this weekend. The girls were delighted to have Lola’s (grandmother in Filipino) undivided attention even just for a few days. Ines was happy to set up the breakfast table for her Lola. She got up both weekend days a bit earlier than everyone else to prepare the breakfast options, carefully labeling the different kinds of bread and cereal and setting them up like a hotel breakfast buffet table. I swear the girl will have her own bed and breakfast place one day. She simply loves entertaining and having people over.

We did not know whether to eat out or not on Saturday night. I normally do not cook on Saturdays but I thought it would be more relaxing for all of us to have dinner at home. I made a Jamie Oliver Spaghetti and Meatball dish, which came out quite tasty with meatballs made from scratch. My sister baked one of her specialty yogurt cakes for dessert.

Sometimes it’s the short increments of time spent with family that are the best.



Jamie Oliver's Spaghetti and  Meatballs


Sister's Yogurt Cake
Sister’s Yogurt Cake


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