A Little Gem Called Le Salbuen

A couple of weeks ago, I went to lunch at a local restaurant called Le Salbuen with my sister. It’s a tiny little spot with only 620 square feet but the food is freshly made and simply delicious. The menu is pretty eclectic with offerings including Cuban empanada, lamb merguez sausage sandwich and protein shakes. The seating inside is only for about 20 people and there are two outdoor tables. Since my sister had her puppy with her and the weather was quite nice, we decided to eat outside.

Another great thing about this restaurant is that it is not at Montclair’s town center so you don’t have the craziness, noise and lack of parking space. It also is not too far from my favorite vintage store in town. Richard and I have been dying to check out this place but they are closed on Saturday evenings and Sunday. So if you are planning to check this restaurant out on a weekend, you may want to check their hours before going.

Le Salbuen Montclair

DSC_2317.1 Cuban empanadas

DSC_2319.1 Merguez Sandwich



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