A Back to Nature 14 Juillet (aka Bastille Day)

The French equivalent of the American July 4th obviously is Bastille Day, which the French refer to as le 14 juillet.  Often, this day is when Richard’s family have their reunion. Given that there was a family wedding last week, his extended family decided not to have a reunion this year. Instead, we had a smaller get together at his parents’ house  where the girls will stay for a week with their cousin while we sneak away for some much-needed alone time.

We asked the girls not to bring their iPads or any electronic games during their stay with their grandparents.  I will most likely leave my old Kindle for them to read their books while we’re away. It’s amazing what the lack of iPad and gadgets can do.  The girls have already spent much time outdoors, re-discovering nature and fun in the simplest things.  There was a tiny little dead fish that Ines caught yesterday and a bigger alive one that Chiara got today.  There were lots of play time and art making with their little cousin.  There is a little lost bird that Chiara discovered today with her grandfather that she is trying to save from dying.  Lastly, there was some playground fun and bike riding at a local park.

They do not seem to suffer from “electronic withdrawal.”  We’ll see how they are by the end of the week.

untitled (130 of 177).1 Ines’ fish

untitled (7 of 53).1

untitled (20 of 53).1

untitled (154 of 177).1

untitled (169 of 177).1

untitled (176 of 177).1

untitled (44 of 53).1

untitled (35 of 53).1

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