52 Weeks, Weeks 26

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

There were lots of playdates, arts and crafts, and general laziness in our house this past week, now that school’s out. It also has been pure madness as we try to get ready for our vacation while hanging out with friends whom we won’t see until the end of the summer. But it’s all good, I really would not change anything at all. The crazier life is at times, the happier I am. So here’s the lowdown this week…

Chiara – She’s ecstatic about wrapping up grade school and starting middle school in September. She’s growing up fast and testing the waters of rebellion as she incessantly pushes her dear momma’s buttons the wrong way.



Ines – In reaction to her sister’s aforementioned rebelliousness, she is constantly saying to me, “I’m SO NOT going to do that when I’m older.” We’ll see, Ines…



Now tell me again who’s idea was it to give kids two months off from school? These girls are keeping me way too busy. Have a great week, dear friends.

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