52 Weeks, Week 51

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015 

The week of Christmas is always full of anticipation and madness.  This past weekend was the first one in December  when we felt a bit crazed with non-stop activity.  There was the holiday piano recital on Saturday night, French bûche de noël cake making on Sunday afternoon (more on this on a separate blog post) and the Christmas Story play on Sunday night.   Needless to say we’re all beat as we move on to the big week.

But we’re not complaining.   After seeing the play last night, I feel more grateful than ever for the simple things in life. The genuine kindness, thoughtfulness, wisdom, and love that we show one another are really the things that make a difference in our lives, right?  Material things and ambition may be nice but what gives us lasting happiness are love and compassion for others.

Have a great week!







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