52 Weeks, Week 50

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

It feels like we’re just in autopilot mode right now, crossing things off our to-do list before Christmas and New Year get here. Still the holiday craze has not been as bad as other years. Perhaps it’s because the girls are a bit older now and a lot more independent. The holidays have been simplified — no mad rush to see Santa or the Nutcracker. We still do holiday stuff but we are not tied up to tradition.

Ines had to dress up as her future self in school this past Friday. She decided, at least for the moment, that she wants to be a teacher/author. Her prior interests included wanting to be a fashion designer and stylist so we’ll see how long this interest lasts.



It’s the first year Chiara decided to use her allowance money to go Christmas shopping for family and friends. In grade school, there was a holiday bazaar where we gave her money to buy presents for everyone. So a little bit of autonomy in using her own money and actually choosing gifts at a big store. She even gift wrapped all the presents upon returning home. These kids, I tell you, are just growing up way too fast…



Hope you had a great weekend!

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