52 Weeks, Week 49

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

It was a relatively quiet weekend despite the fact that it’s the holiday season. A welcome change. I decided not to overcommit or rush into anything this year, just doing the essentials to make this time of the year special.

We spent most of Sunday prepping for Christmas. We got the tree, which Chiara and I trimmed right away with ornaments. While this was going on, Richard and Ines were outdoors, hanging wreaths and Christmas lights in front of the house. The divide-and-conquer approach worked. We were done in a couple of hours, in time to watch the Jets vs. Giants game.

I must say there’s definitely something to be said for being a bit lazy and freeing up your calendar from time to time….

Have a great week!





cookiemaking Some holiday baking action

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