52 Weeks, Week 47

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

The girls wrapped up their fall activities this weekend. Ines is quite happy that she won the first place award for originality in an anti-bullying poster contest for her grade in our school district. While working on the poster, she’d come home and relentlessly think of different ideas and layout to make the project look better.  There were times I got annoyed when she would mull over the different details, her perfectionist tendencies getting the best of her, and I’d just tell her not to overthink it. Well, I suppose the hard work and overthinking paid off this time for her.  She was one happy girl last week!

Chiara finished soccer season this past weekend. She felt bad having to play against some of her friends this season but both Richard and I just told her that she doesn’t have to be nice just because she’s playing defense against her buddies. So it was satisfying to see her competitive spirit coming out on the field. For a girl who doesn’t want to rock the boat, she’s making some progress.

Lastly, we had a dinner party for some friends on Saturday night. I feel like hosting this weekend is the unofficial start to our holiday season of having people over and seeing family and friends whom we have not seen awhile. While I’m exhausted each time we host, I always feel joy and satisfaction in having great conversations and laughter with friends over a home-cooked meal and a few glasses of wine.

Have a great week, everyone!






  1. Bravo aux filles pour ces récompenses.
    Je vous espère en pleine forme.
    Bises à vous 4

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