52 Weeks, Week 45

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

Breathe, stay in the moment, cherish. Those are the words that I keep repeating to myself after spending some time with a friend who’s slowly dying. It’s always hard to see someone suffer, but when that person is from the same age group as you are and has children the same age as yours, everything just hits closer to home. I want to tell my friend to keep fighting. I know she wants to. But I also know that her body is just slowly failing her and that she has little control of anything these days.

We all try to be there for her but a part of me feels guilty. I wish that there’s more that I can do for her but I also need to be strong and present for my family. I still need to take my girls to their activities and playdates and there are other personal matters I need to attend to. But, still, there’s that little voice in me that says, “maybe there’s more that I can give to her.”

In the end, I know that my friend would tell me to do what I need to do, be there for my family. She really has asked so little of us even before she became ill. The only thing she’d ask to do is to think of her children and be on the look out for them, and to invite them to occasional family outings and what-nots. While there’s not much I can do to alleviate her physical and emotional pain these days, I promised to my dear friend that thinking of her children is something I vow to honor for as long as I can.



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