52 Weeks, Week 43

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

The weeks are becoming a bit of a blur as we rush from one thing to the next. The girls are constantly reminding me that after Halloween comes Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and New Year. Their favorite holidays of the year. As for me, yes, they’re my favorites, too, but I just want to come up for air for a little while and stay there languorously, putting everything on pause.

One of the highlights last week was the 80s Mother-Daughter dance party at Ines’ school. Gosh, the 80s, what were we thinking of in terms of fashion? I know we all thought we looked cool back then but in retrospect, we really resembled a bunch of clowns in our neon-colored outfits, big hair, and over-the-top makeup. I know that fashion trends are pretty much a reaction to the styles that precede them and the 80s were our response to the bohemian and free-spirited styles in the 70s. But boy were we colorful!

Fashion aesthetics aside, the dance was a lot of fun, the girls had a great time even though they were pretty much in disbelief that their moms knew all the words to “Jesse’s Girl” and “Footloose.”





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