52 Weeks, Week 42

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

Week 42, I can’t believe that there’s only 10 weeks left before this year is over!  Since I’ve been doing this weekly snapshot on my blog, I am forced to be mindful of the rhythms of our lives as the year unfolds.  I love the exercise but it’s also a bit frightening to see how fast time flies and how fleeting numerous moments are in our lives.

Some highlights from last week…

….For the most part, we have our school routine in order.  This girl is enjoying the additional independence in middle school.  The school work is not too overwhelming yet and school drama has been minimal.

middle school

….This weekend, temps went down to 27 degrees, too cold for fall.  Mother Nature signals to us that there’s no turning back.  Cooler temps are here to stay in the next few months though the last of my spring flowers fight to survive.



…Made this panna cotta dessert for our dinner guests on Saturday night.  It’s always good to catch up with this couple and see how their children get along well with our girls.

panna cotta

…This girl gave her best at yesterday’s cross country invitational.  She came in the top 20 and received this medal.  After unhappily trying soccer, swimming and tennis, she’s happy to find a sport she really enjoys.


Hope you had a good weekend!

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