52 Weeks, Week 41

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

Every week seems to just go quicker and quicker, my friends. I know it always seems that way as we get closer to the holidays but I think it’s even feel more accelerated now that the girls are older. This weekend is a perfect example of how everything just becomes sort of a blur of events as we went from one activity to the next. I did manage to get some alone time to see the movie, “The Walk.” Have you seen it? I know it’s been out for awhile now but I really loved this film about Philippe Petit and how he accomplished the high-wire walk between the two World Trade Center towers in the ’70s. As crazy as Petit was to achieve this feat, I think the film left me with the lasting impression of what tenacity and determination can do to help one reach a goal, no matter how outlandish and impossible it seems.

The girls did some major Halloween crafting over the weekend. They love to do scary decorations from extra boxes we have at home, leaving their creations by our doorsteps on Halloween to scare young trick-or-treaters. Ines had this crazy idea to create a rotten lunch box with a skull inside while Chiara wanted to do a coffin out of the box that her guitar came in. Yup, u-huh..I say let them be creative, right?




We also went to Montclair Art Museum’s Amanti Vino 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash.  Amanti Vino is a local wine shop that recently introduced their first private label wines, Cuvee Rufus. Prior to introducing the wines, Amanti had a wine label design contest asking kids to come up with their own designs for labels. Cute idea, right?  While at the museum, we also checked out the new Eric Carle exhibit. He really is a gifted illustrator with such a unique style that appeals to audience of all ages.

Hope you’ll have a great week. Try to enjoy every minute of it…




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