52 Weeks, Week 4

I am seeing a bit of a reprieve from the usual in the next few weeks. The girls have a bunch of early dismissals this week in school for parent-teacher conferences and then there’s the much-awaited spring break next week. I’m looking forward to it and I know the girls are, too.

I cannot believe that this already the fourth week of my 52-week photography project where I try to take pictures of Chiara and Ines every week to capture fleeting yet precious childhood moments in their lives. This week, there’s C who was pleasantly surprised by a card and a gift from her cousin Lucie in France. Not sure if my girls can appreciate getting old-fashioned cards in the mail but I sure do. Call me old school but there’s nothing like actually opening and holding an actual card.



Then, there’s Ines with her eternal happy-go-lucky attitude in everything. Not many things can get her down. Even when practicing her piano pieces, she finds a way to goof off. What makes her truly happy is spending time with her friends. She’s only eight years old but she’s mighty loyal to her friends in school.

How was your week?



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