52 Weeks, Week 39

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

It was a good weekend, a balanced weekend. I had time to check out a wonderful new exhibit, Philippine Gold, at the Asia Society of New York on Saturday morning. More on the exhibit on a separate blog post. One thing for sure about a weekend morning museum visit is that it transports me back to my pre-children days when weekends were spent pretty much just taking it easy. It sure does feel good to shirk my soccer mom duties once in awhile.

Sunday was just a beautiful early fall day.  More leaves are falling on the ground, bringing to mind the images in  coming weeks of trees in various shades of russet and yellow gold all around us.   Ines and a friend even got to collect some leaves before a cross country meet yesterday.  After the meet, we went to a  local Greek Festival where the girls got to see a friend perform traditional Greek dance.

How was your weekend?





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