52 Weeks, Week 38

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

Last weekend was an all-girls one with Richard being out of town for most of it. It’s easy to be alone with the girls now that they’re older. Most of the time they were nice and sweet but there were definitely tense moments of constant bickering and fighting between the two of them. And as much as I would like for them to resolve their conflicts on their own, I often get dragged into the middle of their fights in which I’m supposed to decide whose right and wrong in any given situation.

Sometimes I find that I repeat things my mother told me when I was little, “What’s going to happen when I’m gone? You have to love one another; you only have each other.” Funny, how we often morph into our own mothers. Sibling relations are always complicated, muddled with intense love, some competition and a bit of jealousy. I do hope that the girls will grow out of their childhood, into young adults, with a special bond that comes out of from their familial ties and shared experiences. Sisters…

Have a great week!

mamoutside Saturday night dates

unclemomo.2 Uncle Momo, a French-Lebanese restaurant, in Montclair


xcountry Another great cross country meet for this one

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