52 Weeks, Week 37

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life, in general, in 2015

Roughly one week back in school and most of our routine and I’m already feeling the need to go back to my vacation state of mind. I don’t know if it’s the pervasive helicopter parenting that I find these days but sometimes I just want to tell other parents, myself included, to just stop being so involved in our kids’ lives. It’s great to love and want the best for our children. It’s fine to give them kind and encouraging words before a game or a competition but to scream and heckle them in front of so many people is just wrong.

Ines started cross country a few weeks ago and had her first meet yesterday. At the meet, I saw and heard a mom who was loudly evaluating how her older son did at the meet and what he can improve on the next time. She was having this “post-op” talk while waiting for her younger son to run his age group’s meet. When her younger son came by, the mother started screaming at the top of her lungs, “Go, S! Just pump your arms, push it, you can do it!” She said this repeatedly as she slowly jogged on the sidelines and followed her son to the finish line.

Yes, this particular mother may have been a little extreme but I think most parents have come across her type in their children’s activities or at school. I know these parents’ hearts are at good place wanting the best for their children but I do think we need to tip the scale back a bit and balance modern-day parenting. Our kids will be alright, we’ll all be alright. What our kids need are parents who love them, encourage them and listen to their needs and concerns. They don’t need some tyrant and ultra-disciplined coach as a parent.

Have a great week!



guitar C’s newfound love for guitar playing as she started guitar lessons this week


  1. Cute! Growing up so fast…..

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