52 Weeks, Week 33

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

We came back to the US yesterday after having spent seven weeks in France.   All throughout the weekend, I kept hearing in my head that beautful song by Madeline Peyroux called “J’ai Deux Amours.” In the song, she talks about her conflicted love for Manhattan and Paris. In my case, it is my love for both the US and France.

US is home; it’s where we are most of the year, where our lives are, where some of our closest family and friends live. But France is where my husband’s family resides and where the other part of me, of us as family, exist. While the US is where our day-to-day growing and living take place, France is where we dream, visualize and start thinking of future projects and plans we’d like to do one day.

I hate feeling conflicted about my love for these two places but I know that my family and I need both to feel whole.  Is there a special place you go to where you feel you need to go to restore yourself and your soul?





Pictures taken from Chateau d’Harcourt in Normandy last week

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