52 Weeks, Week 3

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Week 3 of my 52 weeks project. There’s Chiara who has had quite a challenging year especially with her piano pieces. Her new piano teacher is excellent but requires a lot of perfection and mastery on C’s part. She and Ines had their mid-year piano recital this weekend and I must say that I’m proud of both of them. The highlight of C’s week was seeing her self-portrait displayed at our local town hall.



Ines finished her week with her 100th dojo point in school. Her teacher uses a dojo-point reward system for good behavior in class. As a reward, she got this big stuffed animal in school that she instantly bonded with. She also had a wonderful Girl Scout cookie selling session on Saturday with her troop where they sold over 150 boxes in a few hours. Rock on, Girl Scouts!




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